The Movement Interface Research Institute, Inc. (MIRI) is a non-profit, private (operating) foundation as defined by the IRS. This research organization was founded to observe human evolution in terms of physical movement. Through our research, we will support, preserve, develop, record, analyze, and experiment with the various aspects of human movement.

Areas of interest to MIRI includes nonverbal communication, creative and symbolic movement, and physiology’s relationship to movement. MIRI is organized to facilitate the cooperation and exchange of ideas between members. As a member, you will have access to the company’s growing storehouse of information on various movement styles and related research, as well as the opportunity to contribute your own vital resources. 

Donations to our organization are tax deductible at the rate of a private operating foundation, as defined by the IRS


Our current project is the creation of an extensive database to catalog the variety of all human creative movement, styles and phenomena that occur around the world. This bibliography is the first of several types of archival research projects the organization is conducting. 

 Another aspect of the Institute’s research will be its experimentation program. One way we will use experimentation is to blend different and contrasting movement styles, such as dance, yoga, martial arts. and mindful bodywork.  We will also study how human movement relates to the way we express ourselves, whether it be through video graphics, music or non-verbal communication.

One core going project looks at various traditions of dance, yoga, martial arts and their possible impact the perception of the human consciousness and behavior. 

We believe that by recording, developing and interfacing various movement styles. we can observe how mankind within his environment will continue to evolve in the area of physical movement and mental functions. Our group believes that the work we are doing can help preserve part of mankind’s history, while refining present movement styles and aiding in the creation of new movement systems. It is MlRI’s basic belief that what we are to become in the future is determined to large extent by what we think we are today. We hope the information we provide will aid in the evolution of mankind, in some small way.  

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