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The Movement Interface Research Institute, Inc. (MIRI) is a non-profit, private (operating) foundation as defined by the IRS. This research organization was founded to observe human evolution in terms of physical movement and its relationship at times to human expression.

While some members are involved in the study of martial arts, yoga with a focus on how influence the mind and health we are here to support others studies and practices related human movement. Part of our interest is how movement integrates into our activities such as the creative arts such as theater. One of our projects involved looking at our actors use space and another actor movement to perform their role. Please see our founding document for details.

We are current support local mind body teachers as they try to find affordable space to teach and practice.

We are recording who, what and where resources are publicly available to study and support the mind body connection.

The Movement Interface Research Institute was founded by following people in 1986. :

Nathan Chukueke:

  • Linkedin Profile: High School Special education teacher in New York City with focus on educational technology

  • Martial Acting: In the past Mr Chukueke did some martial acting in Honk Kong when it was run by the British.

  • Martial Movement Research: Mr. Chukueke is one of the mangers of Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis Institute.


Stephen H. Lauette [RIP]

Mr. Lauette was a martial arts who spoke many languages, practiced Chinese martial arts and other styles. He was a key contributor to the translation, analysis and preservation of martial and therapeutic movement art of Asia. Stephen also was a practitioner of Transcendental meditation [TM] and was military veteran of the Vietnam war. He is survived by his wife and daughter.


Laura A. Sepulveda:

Ms. Sepulveda is movement artist and therapist. She was a pivotal contributor in the founding of the organization.

Founder Gotham Pilates

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https://conta.cc/2VtHNBb: Newsletter

Studio Line: 858 454 5711

Direct Line: 858 361 0662


Nathan Chukueke at chukueke@miriproject.com or chukueke@gmail.com

MlRl is devoted to our mission, but we need your support. If you feel you would be interested in our work, either as a volunteer or to make a contribution please contact us.

Our mailing address is: Movement Interface Research Institute:

C/O Nathan Chukueke

54 Boerum Street ,#11N

Brooklyn, NY, 11206

Call Nathan at: (718) 782-9265 your support and interest are appreciated.

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